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Collide of Clans right after considerable success upon iOS, android went nicely and here also found a great deal of fans. Previous post specialized in this game, I treated it as being a general review. Currently, while I share my ideas on the game along with tactics. Of course, do not deal with this guide as the only legitimate solution, because it will not exist: ).


Build and weapons City Hall!

Without a doubt, the Town Corridor is our most crucial building in the game. From its levels depends on the level of all of those other buildings and their quantity and style of which we could build.

For that reason, the Town Hall plays an enormous role in our own village, if the opposing forces destroys it automatically wins the battle and replaced among the three stars. So let's workout properly defend our own Town Hall.

About the celebration connected with stars: get them intended for 50% connected with harmed structures, to the damage on the Town Lounge, as well as intended for 100% deterioration.

Produce protection, yet judiciously.

Since we all started out with all the protection, it truly is really worth observing an significant aspect is always to boost preventive elements like cannons, towers, archers, and many others. to the next stage, which often impacts their durability and the quantity of injury many people cause.


Significant, however, is that this unit currently being developed won't defend our town! So opting for your development of defensive worth doing it so as to never improve a few at a time, as this will probably significantly weaken our defensive.

In a new pile of strength! Are you guaranteed?

A lot of individuals put on techniques, in which all the buildings are placed in the center as well as around them is often a line of security. Personally, I choose the less necessary buildings for instance hats workers, camps or barracks porozstawiać clear of the village center to the attacker had a lot of swell to kill 100%, and after some time and we can ahead of the end of the particular catch.


the right way to the village.

To be able to effect the defense of our own village is really worth before its shielding walls porozstawiać different decorations or fewer important buildings towards enemy armies keep these things reach the flame, which should always be effectively weaken.

Handle your order on the map. If you want to play easier, you have to interest in special Clash of clans Cheat. Which can make your game easier.

Although some woods or rocks that appear on the map can support defend the community, I try to remove them as quickly as possible. It gives me the ability at any unfolding regarding buildings, and in addition you can find green stones using some branches: ).


Disguise rocket launchers.

One major obstacle for our defense are traveling units called Healer, which are able to heal others. The only effective defense against them is often a rocket launcher. So if anyone leave it in the open where it are going to be destroyed soon i will be very hard to kill all of those other player units as they will still heal.